The Revolution of Remulia Campaign

This a a Fate based Storytelling Game about the events transpiring in the continent of Annwyn, the only currently explored continent in the dangerous world of Tellus.

Fate of a Nation

This is a game using the Fate Core system set in the World of Tellus, the Continent of Annwyn, and the Region of Remulia. The players will take the role of movers and shakers amongst a would-be Revolution and Re-Unification of a once proud nation. You have the chance to make a difference in this Revolution. How you make the difference and what that difference will be is up to you.

The World as We Know It

The World of Tellus is one of wonders and adventure. Magick is part of every day life in this world. Most can practice the art, though few still choose to go down that path. Others are Graced by the Gods with spectacular powers and are guided by those Dieties. Some have powers even more mysterious or rely on budding technologies.

The explored continent of Annwyn has a number of Empires that are held in balance by an organization of educators, magick users, and diplomats called Magisters. While the Magisters see to the needs of political balance, the Temples of the Accord see to the peoples Spiritual balance with the Gods.

However, the land of Remulia is not so lucky.

Remulia, the Shattered Land

Centuries ago, the Kingdom of Remulia was a prosperous expanding nation. The peoples of Remulia were a varied lot, but unified and ruled by a parliamentary form of government headed by a limited monarchy. Through time and tribulation the nation survived and thrived in the face of adversity, outlasting allied and antagonistic neighbor nations alike.

The successes of Remulia continued to embolden its people, who began taking increasingly bold action. At first, glory and riches poured in, yet the risks caught up with them. A series of disastrous events culminated in the total collapse of the Remulian central government and left the land fragmented between the remaining Lords.

Now, a little more than a century after the collapse, Remulia is now known as the Shattered Land; a land of anarchy with oases of despotic civilization.

The Revolution has Arrived

In Remulia, an army of well armed and supplied would-be Revolutionaries have begun a campaign to reunify the region under the banner of their leader; Tamyn Poretti, The Griffin of Kreyh.

A grizzled war veteran, Legate Tamyn and his army have taken the city of Lenport and its surrounding villages into the fold. Now the Revolutionaries are deciding their next moves for the surrounding lands and cities and how to further spread the word.

System Rules

Fate Core rules will still apply to this Campaign.

Skill changes are minimal, except that Drive will be replaced with Ride.

Extras will be added and expanded upon in another document. The Extras are;

Adds powers and rituals based around a single skill and centered around a themed style.

Adds supernatural powers activated by spending Fate Points. Those that gain Graces may also access a special pool of FP called Favor.

Extras centered around mental abilities such as ESP or telepathy. Very specialized.

Allows special items that can be Divine, Magick, or Mundane in origin. Each grants its own set of benefits.

Characters will start using standard character creation rules using the +4 skill pyramid, and then use the skill column rules following that. Stunts and Refresh will use the 3 stunt and 3 refresh standard. Both skills, stunts and refresh will progress normally in play.

Magister - Revolution

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