Equipment and Enchanted Items

Normally, equipment is simply considered part of the skill of the character involved, unless a character is compelled or is facing consequences from a conflict. A character may temporarily gain equipment that grants a bonus by using skills such as Resources or Crafts to create an advantage or boost. All of these bonuses are fleeting and not always reliable. Much of the time, equipment purchased or crafted will grant a short lived boost or full aspect that lasts for the scene.

Special, customized, or enchanted equipment is something else. Equipment may be purchased as an extra that grants constant but specialized bonuses or advantages much like a stunt. Sometimes, the equipment grants multiple advantages but will also cost additional stunts or refresh to acquire.

Equipment also comes in many flavors. Signature items are mundane items that have either a superior quality or are so familiar to a character they grant additional bonuses or advantages. Enchanted items that cost stunts are bonded, powerful magical items that grant bonuses or advantages due to their magical nature. Relics are blessed items that are touch by the gods, like those with Graces, but usually more overt than Graces.
Here are some examples of equipment a character might purchase;

Rhykr’s Blessed Ring of the Bastion; Relic
Cost: 1 Stunt
Grants Armor:2 against physical attacks while the ring is worn.

My Favorite Watersteel Dagger, Sheela; Signature Item
Cost: 1 Stunt
Counts as Weapon:1 when used with the Fight skill, grants +1 to Deceive or Fight rolls when creating an advantage involving a Feint or misdirection in combat.

Fine Velbian Lockpicks; Signature Item
Cost: 1 Stunt
Grants +2 bonus to Larceny rolls involving manipulating all sorts of locks.

Streyvk Spyglass; Signature Item
Cost: 1 Stunt
Grants +2 bonus to Notice rolls to spot distant details.

Cloak of the Skystrider; Enchanted Item
Cost: 2 Stunts
Grants either 1 zone of additional free movement or ignore all scene aspects that would impede movement if they could be overcome with a prestigious leap or flight. In addition, it grants a +1 bonus to Athletics for purposes of Defense against Shoot attacks and a +1 bonus to create an advantage with Athletics involving a superior position.

Temporary Enchanted Items

While the most powerful and long lasting Enchanted items cost stunts, most enchanted items are of the short lived, temporary variety. These are items created by a Ritual to be used later in a session.

A practitioner has a limit to the number of temporary items they may have ready access to and use in a session as well; up to 2 enchanted item slots. Each slot is the equivalent of one action involving the Traditions Attack Stunt or Create Advantage Stunt (assuming the practitioner enchanting the items has those Stunts) at the Practitioners base skill with no roll. The practitioner may also store a Ritual no more complex than their base skill in an item. Using these items requires no roll but still does take up an action as if there had been a roll.

Buying or otherwise acquiring such items can be difficult or expensive but not out of reach. Resources or Contacts skills are normally used but others can be used in certain circumstances. If gathered as a standard task, the difficulty is normally equal to the skill of the practitioner plus 2.

Equipment and Enchanted Items

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